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Making a Will with Edinburgh Solicitors

Making a Will?

Many people are not aware that dying without making a Will can result in their estate being distributed in ways that they do not want. DIY Wills and Wills “bought off the shelf” may not be sufficiently clear or validly created so it is always best to seek legal advice to consider circumstances fully and to have your Will properly drawn up by a solicitor.

Making a Will is not just about to whom you leave your estate. You can choose who will look after your affairs after death by appointing an executor. It is possible to make arrangements for children should you die while they are young and also appoint guardians to look after their daily needs. You may wish to establish a trust to protect assets being left to young children or other vulnerable or incapacitated beneficiaries. You may also wish to set out funeral instructions.

Making a Will eases the administration process and guides family and friends in fulfilling your wishes during a difficult time.

As Edinburgh solicitors, our experienced staff are happy to discuss your requirements for making a Will to ensure that your affairs are in order.

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