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What happens following the death of a loved one?

The loss of a loved one can be a difficult and painful experience for those left behind.  Unfortunately, during this time there may be legal requirements and administration of the estate to deal with.  

The death has to be registered and funeral arrangements to be made.

Having a properly written Will in place eases the administration process and guides family and friends during this time.  A Will can appoint executors who will be responsible for ensuring that the estate is distributed in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.  In doing so, the executor will have to ingather the estate and also settle any debts.  

The process may involve obtaining Confirmation (known as Probate in England) from the court , submitting an inheritance tax return and settling any inheritance tax liability with HM Revenue & Customs and the creation of trusts for young beneficiaries.  If you have been appointed executor for an estate we can assist you with all aspects of the administration process.

The administration of an estate may encounter various complications, such as family disagreements, difficulties tracing beneficiaries, a legal rights claim from a separate partner or an estranged child, cross jurisdiction considerations or inheritance tax related issues.   We are happy to advise on these different aspects.

The work involved and the time taken to wind up an estate will depend on the nature and location of the assets of the estate, the value of the estate and the number and types of beneficiaries.  We assist with estates of all sizes  and of varying complexities.  If there is heritable property (land and buildings) in an estate our property team is happy to assist with any transfer of title or sale in due course.

Lastly, beneficiaries may enter a Deed of Variation to re-direct their inheritance elsewhere, for example, to their children instead.  There can be tax planning or asset protection reasons for doing so and we can assist beneficiaries wishing to enter into such arrangements.

At Allingham & Co we pride ourselves in being both approachable and empathetic.  Coupled with good working knowledge and solid experience in dealing with a variety of executries, our executry team is well placed to guide you through what we recognise is a difficult time.

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